Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prophecy of the Final False Flag - Hoover Dam 11/11/11

This seems kinda crazy, but if he's right I want it to be known beforehand!

Herman Cain - The Fall Begins Today

I've known he's a flash in the pan, but I predict Cain's demise (in the polls) starts today. His appearance on Meet the Press revealed two major blows to his credibility:

1. He said he is "not familiar with the neoconservative movement.". Seriously. This shocking display of ignorance will put Washington insiders and outsiders in serious doubt about his competence. See story here:

2. He also admitted 9-9-9 will raise taxes for some, including the middle class and poor. This is not going to go over well with anyone, even conservatives.

Also, his fundraising is embarrassingly low. He has no real campaign infrastructure in the early primary states and admitted he is focusing on his book tour in October and November.

The poll numbers are going to start dropping this week. Watch.

Read the original article here!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ron Paul gets slandered again, when will the chicken-hawks learn?

Here we go, another idiot in the media slandering Ron Paul with the word 'Isolationists' -- It's called non-interventionism buddy. Huge difference in meaning. Please learn the difference before writing another hit peace on Ron Paul. Not sure a chicken-hawk like yourself will, so look up who the men and women in the military give the most donations too first. Thanks.

That's my comment at:

When will these chicken hawks learn? New site launched, go here if you're a Dem and want to vote Ron Paul!

or if you're a Rep/Ind/whatever and want updates/reminders etc. This is such a useful site I should have thought of it haha!

Ron Paul Ad - Secure

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tearing it up on Huff Post again. This time defending Ron Paul to a Neo-Con who only 'mostly' disagrees with Obomber

milford2011 wrote:
"even though i disagree with OBAMA on most of his policies i must say by all rights that i support OBAMA for the call to go after BIN LADEN as well as this other TERRORIST,­i made this promise when He was elected & i kept it to the best of my abilities that THE GOOD LORD gave me. my question is - how many people within the DEMOCRATIC PARTY would have supported BUSH if he gave these orders to have these SPINELESS COCKROACHE­S killed, i think this deserves an honest answer."

I responded with:
"I disagree with Obummer on this issue. The terrorist was a U.S. citizen and should have first been tried, en absentia, for treason and revoked of citizenship. Then killed this cockroach with a drone attack. Ron Paul never disagreed that Anwar was a terrorist, and in all likelihood he was, Ron Paul disagreed with the way it was conducted. This was an assassination, plain and simple. He should had his citizenship taken away at the very least or have been more transparent as Gary Johnson said. As much as the liberals condemn 'King George' for abusing his powers, it really confuses me that they allow the same, if not worse abuses from 'the messiah.' Liberals today are akin to the cards from Alice in Wonderland when the Queen of Hearts yells out "Off with his head!" Liberals are supposed to be against wars, right?... But it's okay if our guy does it."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I got banned from for saying Ron Paul is the father of the Tea Party (and arguing about it)

One guy said Samuel Adams started the tea party. I asked him if that was what he was drinking.
Did everyone forget the 6 million dollar man?

Me defending Ron Paul on Huff Post in the comments. Pulled Mom is switching parties card! (totally true!)

ben berry wrote:
"Which ever bought out shill for the Koch brothers can talk smooth enough to sell ice cubes to Eskimos and manure to a manure factory will win the GOP and go down in flames when they meet Obama!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!"

georgechevrolet wrote (in response to ben berry):
“There are only two that could hold their own in a debate against Obama, Cain and Romney...a­nd ...maybe Paul....bu­t after Pauls gaffe about being fine with Iran getting nukes I don't see that happening.”

I wrote:
"I think Ron Paul did pretty well with the Iran question. Israel has 100 nukes, so what if Iran got 1, that's 99 less then Israel... I'm pretty sure our little brother is all grows up now and can handle himself regionally.
As far as Obomber vs. any GOP candidate? Only Gary Johnson and Ron Paul could beat him for the simple fact that they are true peace candidates and will actually bring the troops home immediately, unlike Obomber who has lost a lot of his progressive base with his warmongering. My mom who is a democrat and voted for Obomber is actually switching parties just to vote for Ron Paul because she is upset with all the new wars Obomber has started. I'm proud of her."

As a side note ben berry is my first and only fan. He fan'd me because I slammed cain and newt. I don't think he realized I am a Ron Paul supporter, because he said in another post that the next president should be "sain" after someone hyped Ron Paul. Good times.