Sunday, November 13, 2011

ABC article blasts CBS as disgracefull in last night's debate

GOP Candidates Blast CBS News’ for ‘Disgraceful’ Bias at South Carolina Debate

"Numerous candidates from Rep. Michele Bachmann to Rep. Ron Paul complained about unfair treatment from the network, arguing that rival campaigns had received far more attention during the debate. The Bachmann campaign went so far as to release an email that they said spokeswoman Alice Stewart had “inadvertently received” from CBS earlier in the day."

more fake controversy here, we all know how abc debates go...

Ron Paul 2012 - Wins Again - Nov. 12th 2011 CBS Debate (MUST SEE) CORRUPT MEDIA (UPDATED)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prophecy of the Final False Flag - Hoover Dam 11/11/11

This seems kinda crazy, but if he's right I want it to be known beforehand!

Herman Cain - The Fall Begins Today

I've known he's a flash in the pan, but I predict Cain's demise (in the polls) starts today. His appearance on Meet the Press revealed two major blows to his credibility:

1. He said he is "not familiar with the neoconservative movement.". Seriously. This shocking display of ignorance will put Washington insiders and outsiders in serious doubt about his competence. See story here:

2. He also admitted 9-9-9 will raise taxes for some, including the middle class and poor. This is not going to go over well with anyone, even conservatives.

Also, his fundraising is embarrassingly low. He has no real campaign infrastructure in the early primary states and admitted he is focusing on his book tour in October and November.

The poll numbers are going to start dropping this week. Watch.

Read the original article here!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ron Paul gets slandered again, when will the chicken-hawks learn?

Here we go, another idiot in the media slandering Ron Paul with the word 'Isolationists' -- It's called non-interventionism buddy. Huge difference in meaning. Please learn the difference before writing another hit peace on Ron Paul. Not sure a chicken-hawk like yourself will, so look up who the men and women in the military give the most donations too first. Thanks.

That's my comment at:

When will these chicken hawks learn? New site launched, go here if you're a Dem and want to vote Ron Paul!

or if you're a Rep/Ind/whatever and want updates/reminders etc. This is such a useful site I should have thought of it haha!

Ron Paul Ad - Secure

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tearing it up on Huff Post again. This time defending Ron Paul to a Neo-Con who only 'mostly' disagrees with Obomber

milford2011 wrote:
"even though i disagree with OBAMA on most of his policies i must say by all rights that i support OBAMA for the call to go after BIN LADEN as well as this other TERRORIST,­i made this promise when He was elected & i kept it to the best of my abilities that THE GOOD LORD gave me. my question is - how many people within the DEMOCRATIC PARTY would have supported BUSH if he gave these orders to have these SPINELESS COCKROACHE­S killed, i think this deserves an honest answer."

I responded with:
"I disagree with Obummer on this issue. The terrorist was a U.S. citizen and should have first been tried, en absentia, for treason and revoked of citizenship. Then killed this cockroach with a drone attack. Ron Paul never disagreed that Anwar was a terrorist, and in all likelihood he was, Ron Paul disagreed with the way it was conducted. This was an assassination, plain and simple. He should had his citizenship taken away at the very least or have been more transparent as Gary Johnson said. As much as the liberals condemn 'King George' for abusing his powers, it really confuses me that they allow the same, if not worse abuses from 'the messiah.' Liberals today are akin to the cards from Alice in Wonderland when the Queen of Hearts yells out "Off with his head!" Liberals are supposed to be against wars, right?... But it's okay if our guy does it."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I got banned from for saying Ron Paul is the father of the Tea Party (and arguing about it)

One guy said Samuel Adams started the tea party. I asked him if that was what he was drinking.
Did everyone forget the 6 million dollar man?

Me defending Ron Paul on Huff Post in the comments. Pulled Mom is switching parties card! (totally true!)

ben berry wrote:
"Which ever bought out shill for the Koch brothers can talk smooth enough to sell ice cubes to Eskimos and manure to a manure factory will win the GOP and go down in flames when they meet Obama!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!"

georgechevrolet wrote (in response to ben berry):
“There are only two that could hold their own in a debate against Obama, Cain and Romney...a­nd ...maybe Paul....bu­t after Pauls gaffe about being fine with Iran getting nukes I don't see that happening.”

I wrote:
"I think Ron Paul did pretty well with the Iran question. Israel has 100 nukes, so what if Iran got 1, that's 99 less then Israel... I'm pretty sure our little brother is all grows up now and can handle himself regionally.
As far as Obomber vs. any GOP candidate? Only Gary Johnson and Ron Paul could beat him for the simple fact that they are true peace candidates and will actually bring the troops home immediately, unlike Obomber who has lost a lot of his progressive base with his warmongering. My mom who is a democrat and voted for Obomber is actually switching parties just to vote for Ron Paul because she is upset with all the new wars Obomber has started. I'm proud of her."

As a side note ben berry is my first and only fan. He fan'd me because I slammed cain and newt. I don't think he realized I am a Ron Paul supporter, because he said in another post that the next president should be "sain" after someone hyped Ron Paul. Good times.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Brent Budowsky writes hit piece on Ron Paul, says he takes money from bankers? Wow idiot alert!

I just read the most idiotic fact derived hit piece ever to get uploaded to the internet.
Here is the link to Brent Budowsky's... I can't even call it an article...

My comment to him (which is awaiting approval, haha):

Brent Budowsky, did the bankers pay you to write this article or are you seriously this stupid? I suggest you read a book by Ron Paul called "End the Fed" before you state Ron Paul took money from any banker, he is the furthest thing they want up there. Seriously, you can buy it at
Please read it before you make yourself look like an ass on the internet again.

Ron Paul Takes a Ride

It's Time To Wake Up - Ron Paul 2012

This video is going viral! Such an Awesome vid on Ron Paul calling out the Military Industrial Complex.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ron Paul on the Daily Show w/ John Stewart

Overall a pretty good interview. Stewart has some funny comments like suggesting Ron Paul try flip flopping as a means of getting attention from the media.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fox freaks after Ron Paul wins debate

In my opinion the whole MSM is freaking out that Ron Paul will win and end the trillions of dollars of fiat currency in the fed. Russia Today did a great article and outlined everything that fox is doing that is so obvious to anyone who has heard the name Ron Paul.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Had to rip yahoo a new one for leaving Ron Paul out of the second place headline.

Here's my comment to these bastards, who, are trying to pretend they're not on the internet...?

"Yahoo are you trying to make it on the daily show? Where have you been bro this is the internets! The interwebs is for, and loves Ron Paul! You're an internet company, not TV, you'll never get away with skipping over Paul's second place polling."

Here's yahoo failing

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ron Paul Post Debate with Sean Hanity

Sean Hanity was actually pretty good this time, I guess he doesn't wanna get snowballed again. LoL

Ron Paul's Double-Edged Sword? wtf fox... WTF!

Ok so what is going on with the google fox debate? In this next video they show Ron Paul as the biggest cloud tag term when it comes to foreign policy. The dude says that Ron Paul "just blew up the spot" but "later in this debate Ron Paul is gonna say something about foreign policy..." and then that core of conservatives that liked his 10th amendment response were going to flee from him.

So why didn't they ask him anything on that issue? Are they just not organized? Did they do this on purpose because Ron Paul was on point on every question tonight? I mean W to the T to the F!! They ask these foreign policy questions and then ask the Doctor about abortion?? No one else was asked about abortion! What is up with this! Here is a link to the video for those who were not watching it online and were watching the fox tv commercials.

Who Won the Debate? ( Ron Paul )

Front Runner Ron Paul wins again!

New Ron Paul Ad - He Served

Ron Paul is a veteran and veteran's support him!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

N.H. poll: Ron Paul in second place, leads Rick Perry

"The poll is the latest to find support for the Texas congressman, who is now seen as top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination."

We did it! Ron Paul is now getting reported on as a 'top-tier' candidate!
We all know he's the Front Runner and if we keep posting it all over the internet the media will listen and acknowledge the truth!

Rasmussen 2012 Presidential Matchups: Ron Paul 38% Obama 39%

This latest poll shows Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obomber in 2012!

Of course they spin it to ignore Ron Paul because he's the real Front Runner...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GOP Front Runner Ron Paul

GOP Front Runner Ron Paul really states the truth, the media just lies about it. The fact is Ron Paul has won or had a strong showing in all the major polls and dominates the internet.

Here's where the idea of posting this title all over the internet came from.

Is Anyone Besides Ron Paul Serious About Our Deepening National Financial Crisis?

The email answers are hilarious, you can tell who the liberals are!

Had to call out the Huff Post again, more Ron Paul slander from a Doctor?

Wow Dr. Adam, how did you get a Doctorate believing that "they're jealous of our freedom!" Did you forget the reading list Ron Paul gave Rudi Ghouli? Are you ignoring Bin Laden's actual words? Seriously bro do some research...

My Comment (not yet approved...)

the article written by a doctor??

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect

Here's a great video from Ron Paul about those Boos that (I think) were planted in the 'Tea Party' debate.

Barry Manilow agrees with Ron Paul!

Barry Manilow, in Washington to support support H.R. 295 (a health related bill) said "I like what he says" in reference to Ron Paul. Barry also donated to the campaign in 2007.

Barry FTW!

Barry Manilow agrees with Ron Paul!

I'm a Ron Paul Girl

Babe Alert! Babes for Ron Paul FTW!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ron Paul on Fox News 9/14/11

American Thinker, found to not think at all. Ron Paul slander campaign continues...

Here's my comment to Peter Heck, otherwise known and the one who thinks the least at American Thinker. I posted the comment here although it needs approval and I somehow doubt the 'thinking' ones will let it through:

I thought this was American Thinker, but after reading this it seems more like American Non-Thinker. Have you guys even read the CIA docs on what Osama said? Have you guys ever heard of blowback? Has 'American Thinker' ever pondered what happened in 1954 Iran?
Peter Heck, please read my blog about Ron Paul and do some thinking before repeating this 'They're jealous of our freedom" fallacy.

Ground Troops In lybia/ Ron Paul Spoke The Truth

Ron Paul's "Imagine" speech Vote for Ron Paul 2012

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Charles Babington has one sentence on Ron Paul in his article about Florida debate.

Charles, how can you write one sentence about the winner of last weeks debate? To top it off this is what you have to say:
"Florida was even crueler to Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who took 3 percent of the 2008 primary vote. Paul is running for president again."

Wow. Thanks for the tip Mr. Babington, but in case you didn't know, a lot of people know that Ron Paul is running for president again... Oh I dunno say like 128,772 that voted for him as of now 219,233 votes cast on the Reagan library debate.

I take it that Charles Babington's audience isn't on the internet. If it was he might have, you know, looked a few polls or something. Because Ron Paul has won every poll online--and the one's that exclude him, 'Other' and 'Someone Else' win by landslides.

Read Charles crap article here

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender


Ron Paul deserves a proper graph

What the latest victory poll should have looked like:

Great comparison.

I had to call out Huff Post again for supporting warmongers and dissing Ron Paul!

These warmongering neo-con baboons are all the same. Ron Paul supported Reagan because he ran on the same non-internationalism platform that Bush ran on in 2000. Seriously all neo-cons miss the point, they must be too afraid the boogeyman. Ron Paul was one of Reagan's first supporters back in 1976! When Reagan blew it and turned big gov war monger Ron Paul was right to write a letter and run as a libertarian!

Here is where I called out the Huff Post

Ron Paul’s Secret Weapon

Great Article, fair and insightful.

Politico admits it screwed up on the debate, now says Ron Paul won!

Maybe it was the msnbc poll that got them to catch on? Pretty hard to deny over 200,000 votes when more then half go to Ron Paul.

War Monger Peter Wehner shows his true colors, says Obama would be better then Ron Paul

Not to mention the nerve of this idiot, to have a goldline ad on his blog!

Peter Wehner again shows how much he loves war because that's THE ONLY ISSUE he said he disagrees with Ron Paul on. Peter is a war hawk. He loves to use the boogie man as an excuse in his fear politics. The only reason he's siding with Obomber is because Obomber is a warmonger too.

Peter, your idiotic ramblings might work on the uniformed and stupid, but you've got an army of Ron Paul supporters spreading truth. You will lose the war on truth.

read Peter Wehner's lies here

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ron Paul to Rick Perry: "you mad bro?"

Wall Street Journal excludes Ron Paul from debate poll, loses all credibility!

Something tells me that 'Someone Else' will win that poll. This poll is as one sided as my Ron Paul poll -->>

UPDATE: 'Someone Else' is winning the poll! hahaha WSJ you guys are clowns, Ron Paul FTW!
I mean Someone Else FTW!

Ron Paul Wins Debate, Declared “Loser” by Media

Rick Perry Assaults Ron Paul

Slick Rick tries to get tough, doesn't see huge bodyguard...

cartoon version

Ron Paul is right. Military adventurism is a luxury we can no longer afford

"I was astonished! We are spending twenty billion dollars on air conditioning for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would take all that away, use ten billion to pay down the debt, and use the other ten toward FEMA and any other agency that we really need. And if you took that air conditioning away, those troops would come home very quickly, and I’d be happy with that."
-Ron Paul at last nights debate.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul Border Fence Goodie Mob Remix

This is pretty good, I might have to play it in my car!

Politico asks every other candidate about Bernenke except Ron Paul? Did they just lose all credibility?

This was the live stream.

In the most biased debate I've seen, besides the one fox didn't allow Ron Paul into in the last election, Politico either has amnesia or is diabolical. Maybe Politico didn't read this:

I'm shocked at how blatantly ridiculous Politico is, they have lost all credibility.

UPDATE: Politico is suffering from amnesia!
The above story just came out, I guess they forgot about these previously published stories:

Politico, how much did the establishment pay you to forget?

Google Trends: Ron Paul is obvious FRONTRUNNER!

ron paul 1.00
rick perry 0.10
mitt romney 0.30

Ron Paul even get's more overall google's in Texas!

p.s. look at the media chart below, it shows complete media bias!

Ron Paul FTW!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rick Perry takes the bait, ' strikes back at Ron Paul '

Rick Perry took the bait and fires back at Ron Paul! Why would a 'top tier' candidate care about Ron Paul? I think it's because Ron Paul was the only one with the balls to call him out on being an ex-liberal! It's funny that the 'ammo' Perry uses only further shows Ron Paul as someone who 'sticks to his guns' unlike the flip flopper Perry
Read the article here:

New Ron Paul Ad: Perry was Al Gore's cheerleader in 1988 LoL!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ron Paul speech at Palmetto Freedom Forum 9/5/2011 (South Carolina)

Poll: Ron Paul trailing Romney, Bachmann by 4 percent in Iowa

Ron Paul is picking up steam FTW!

Why Ron Paul (In 60 Seconds)

Darren Hutchinson from Huff Post attempts to bash Ron Paul, ends up winning biggest idiot award!

Here's an excerpt from Darren Hutchinson's "article"
"Regardless, Paul's horrific proposals would endanger several personal liberties secured by the Constitution, including the right to terminate a pregnancy."

What? The right to terminate a pregnancy???!!?? Where does it say that in the bill of rights?? Where does it say that anywhere in the Constitution??

It doesn't. Congrats Darren, you've just won the biggest idiot award!

PS. How the &@*#%! did Darren become a "Professor of Law" ????

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bernanke channeled Keynes to deflect Ron Paul on 'Gold'

Here's a good article on how Berneke parrots Keynes on gold.

"What most observers do not realize, however, is that Bernanke was not only dismissing the suggestion that gold is equivalent to money, but also doing so by echoing Paul’s ideological nemesis: the late economist John Maynard Keynes."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hippy chick Ahna Kruzic almost writes a good Ron Paul article but Epic Fails on Civil Liberties

Title: Kruzic: Ron Paul, the anti-war, pseudo-hippy presidential hopeful?

It starts off almost praising Ron Paul as she goes into why progressives support the ONLY anti-war candidate and not Obushma. Then she goes off and grossly misrepresents Ron Paul's stance on Civil Liberties, she thinks that certain groups should have certain privileges above others. Sorry Ahna my main hippy chick, if we're going to have Liberty, we also have to have Equality. That goes for unborn life forms as well. I'm pretty sure _Doctor_ Ron Paul, after delivering over 3000 babies, has a better idea as to when life starts. Time to get the facts straight on the rest of the issue too, however the whole abortion thing is totally a non-issue except to insane progressives and ridiculous religious nuts. It's pretty obvious that Miss Kruzic is campaigning for Obushma despite his Epic Fail on the war, and Epic Fail on Universal Health Care; issues any liberal can't deny Obushma's failed on.

So keep it up "Kruzic the violent hippy!" Keep supporting wars and keep supporting the killing of the unborn!

read what the violent hippy wrote here:

Alexa for Ron Paul: Ron Paul Saturdays

Alexa for Ron Paul: Ron Paul Saturdays

Likely Republican Voters & Blue Republicans will win the election for Ron Paul

Liberal Eric Zorn confuses Ron Paul for Perry, slanders wrong Republican!

You'd think these liberals would be all for Ron Paul since it's obvious there boy is just as much of a war monger as the previous prez. For the newbs out there I refer to this as "Obushma denial."

Here's Eric Zorn in all his confused lunacy, tricking libs because he can:

Fox and Google to Host GOP Debate Sept. 22. Vote for questions to be answered!

Fox News and Google are teaming up in the upcoming GOP debate on 9/22 where;
"Viewers will be able to vote on the questions they want the candidates to answer, and Fox News will use the votes to help choose which questions are posed to the candidates. In addition, Fox News and Google will present public data and Google search trends on air to help provide context to the questions and inform the debate throughout the evening."

The questions are on Youtube here! It is in our best interest to pose and vote up the most relevant questions. The highest current rating is 27 and that ain't diddly squat for the formidable Daily Paul crew!

View the original article here

Ron Paul Info Booth

The results of recent polls have made two things abundantly clear. First, Ron Paul is absolutely a viable candidate. Second, the media will try to undermine his candidacy as much as possible. With these facts in mind, I believe the biggest challenge Dr. Paul will face in gaining the nomination will be fighting obscurity and misinformation. As powerful as the internet is, many in my community still get their political news from traditional media, which we know is ignoring and misrepresenting our candidate. To combat this malevolence, I believe the onus is on us to inform our communities about why we believe in Dr. Paul. To this end, I started the Ron Paul Info Booth in my neighborhood.

View the Original article

Can Ron Paul Lead the 2012 GOP Field? New Fox Video

View the Original article

Did Ron Paul Force Obama to Reschedule a Speech?

Oh yeah he did! The Obama got pwned for trying to keep RP from the debate. RP 1 OB 0!

Ron Paul called Mr. Crankypanks by Daniel Ruth! MSM resorting to grade-school tactics!

In yet another childish attempt (or complete lack of understanding reality?) to attack my main man Ron Paul, Daniel Ruth resorts to name-calling. Apparently he's still in 5th grade: "...Mr. Crankypants would have whined about spending money..."

Get all the LoLz here:

Check the comments too, they are awesome!

Women for Ron Paul: Food, Fun, Phonebanking

read more here!

All Hands On Deck in SC! 1,500+ Ron Paul supporters to show.


FYI -- Ron will be landing at 12:30 in Columbia and will be at the Hilton from 1-3 for a private GOP reception, as well as for some face-time with a couple elected officials who asked to meet him. The DeMint Forum is from 3-5, and at 5:30 we're having a huge Grassroots Rally at the Courtyard Marriott right there on Assembly Street.

I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:

View the Original article

Ron Paul is right, Peter Wehner need's a history lesson!

Peter Wehner seems to have amnesia, or failed history. He's apparently never heard of the CIA term 'blowback' in regards to the US's 1953 coup in Iran.

Here's a link to Peter's 'response to Ron Paul supporters' where his lunacy continues.

oh and Peter, if you're reading this, here's a link to a summary that might help you pass history class next time:

Herman Cain, Ron Paul Top Georgia Straw Poll; Media Ignore it

By Mark Berman on Aug 30, 2011

In mid-August Republicans held a presidential straw poll in Iowa. The media went wild. The cable news networks set up shop for the weekend in Iowa, breathlessly reporting on every movement and utterance from the candidates. Then when it was over they ignored Ron Paul's very close second-place finish to Michele Bachmann.

Since then much has been made of the media's apparent dismissal of Paul's candidacy. If it is any consolation to Paul, he is not alone -- now the media are ignoring Herman Cain. Is it because the media have decided that neither one is a "serious" candidate worthy of their newsprint, digital space or airtime?

Well, there was a straw poll in Georgia over the weekend.

If you didn't know about it, it's because it received virtually no coverage. Perhaps it was because of Hurricane Irene. But perhaps it is because it was a foregone conclusion that Georgia resident Cain would win.

Cain did indeed win with 26% of the vote. Paul finished a close second at 25.7%. Alleged frontrunner Rick Perry had 20% followed by Newt Gingrich at 18%. Rounding out the top five were two more media favorites -- Mitt Romney and Bachmann, with 6% and 3.3% respectively.

So to recap -- Cain and Paul destroyed the rest of the field, and nary a mention in the media. Had Perry won, you could be sure there would be headlines blaring, "Perry Sustains Frontrunner Status." A Bachmann victory would have seen "Bachmann Wins Second Straw Poll."

But the media apparently does not want to waste time on Cain or Paul, since they are not going to win the nomination anyway. Therefore, any poll that shows them on top is not be taken seriously or reported upon.

But who are the media to make that judgment? Aren't the media supposed to report the news, not what they think is going to happen and tailor their coverage to their preconceived notions?

View the Original article

Iowa Teacher: Ron Paul Doesn’t Know Constitution -- LoL!!

Here's a great rebuttal to what that know-nothing teacher said about our Champion of the Constitution!

Ron Paul: The new Goldwater? - Tarentum Valley News Dispatch

View the Original article

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ron Paul could object to Obama's request

Ron Paul was ready, but Speaker John Boehner rejected it! FTW!

Ron Paul Gaining Ground for 2012

View the Original article

Ron Paul long term supporter of gold, India is listening? lol!

India is the #1 country doing the search "how to buy gold online" on google...

Are they listening to Ron Paul?

Update: Ron Paul on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" - 8/31/11

August 31, 2011

Polls show Rick Perry overtaking Mitt Romney as the front runner for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Despite their leads, Texas Rep. Ron Paul says he's "in it to win it." Paul talks with NPR's Neal Conan and Ken Rudin about his presidential campaign.

The podcast will be available around 6pm ET:

View the Original article

Politico: Paul may object to President Barack Obama’s surprise request to address a joint session of Congress

I hope he does it!!!

"Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for the presidency, is considering whether to use his power as a House member to object to President Barack Obama’s surprise request to address a joint session of Congress at the same time as a long-planned Republican presidential debate on Sept. 7.

“Dr. Paul is weighing his options,” the veteran congressman’s spokesman, Jesse Benton, told POLITICO when asked whether Paul would object to a voice vote on a concurrent resolution allowing for the president to speak from the House chamber."

View the Original article

Dr. Paul on FOX Biz Special Report w/C. McShane "Polls show if you are a Ron Paul supporter, you usually don't leave" ~8/31/11

On Wednesday morning, Dr. Ron Paul spoke via telephone with Connell McShane from Fox Business Special Report. He spoke about FEMA, the Federal Reserve and the campaign.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Podcast combining them both together:

Thanks JT!

View the Original article

Huff Post - I Voted for Obama, Now I'm Voting for Ron Paul

Great article! I imagine we will find more and more of these types of articles being written.

by Anthony Anderson
I truly believe that I speak for so many young progressives that would be proponents for peace, clean food and water, and a government that actually helps and cares for its citizens.

After 8 years of GWB and the lies about WMDs, 9-11, Monsanto, Iraq...etc...anyone coming from the other party looked like a better choice. I was somehow still under the illusion that the Democratic Party would work for the people and not corporate/banking/defense industry interests.

I cried when Obama won. I really thought it was a new dawn for the US and the world as a whole. I was so ashamed of the Bush administration... all the violence and greed just made me ashamed to be from the US. Somehow though I still thought that there was a difference between the two parties.

View the Original article

Ron Paul is right on Lybia!

Now Sudan invades! Every who hasn't needs to read Ron Paul's book A Foreign Policy of Freedom!

Senator Paul Responds to Krueger Nomination

The latest press release from Senator Paul's office:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, President Obama nominated Princeton labor economist Alan Krueger to become the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Sen. Rand Paul issued the following statement in response:

“Alan Krueger is nothing more than an extreme government interventionist, cut from the same cloth as those who have failed to correctly predict, diagnose, and manage our economic problem.

“During his tenure at the Treasury Department, Alan Krueger helped design the ‘cash for clunkers’ program and even supported a European style value-added tax that would raise prices on American families.

“This repetition of bad economic decisions by the President and his advisers could be described as the epitome of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. Hasn’t the President realized we don’t need more big-government Keynesians in Washington saddling the American taxpayer with trillions in debt?

“The President’s economic policies have been an abysmal failure. His economic advisers have helped lead to these failures.

“I have called for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to resign, and I am now calling on Alan Krueger to step down before he even begins his new role, before any more damage can be done to the American economy by this Administration.”

View the Original article

Ron Paul on 9/11 Anniversary: 'I don't think we've learned a whole lot'

By Michael O'Brien - 08/30/11 02:53 PM ET

The U.S. hasn't learned much in the 10 years since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) argued Tuesday.

Paul, the libertarian-minded Republican presidential candidate, voiced criticism of U.S. foreign policy just days before the tenth anniversary of the coordinated terrorist attacks that resulted in almost 3,000 deaths.

"I don't think we've learned a whole lot because our foreign policy hasn't changed," Paul told a guest host on Lou Dobbs's radio show.

View the Original article

Video Update: Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto / Fox Business 8/30/11

Video: Thanks to DPer drheyde & Mox News:

View the Original article

Video Update: Ron Paul on Larry Kudlow / CNBC 8/30/11

Thanks to DPer SaveOurSovereignty / YouTuber SaveOurSovereignty3 for the video!

View the Original article

Ron Paul: What It Takes To Win

What does it take to win?

Ron Paul spoke on this to supporters recently at the Florida Liberty Summit 2011

"There's two ways to define winning. To win liberty, a lot of people need to be more involved. It isn't a numbers problem. We don't need 51%, and the majority will rule, we don't say a majority is all we need. Rather, we need a determined minority; they must be thought leaders, they have to be involved, they have to lead others, and they have to be in positions of teaching, in the media and in different places. We have lost that fight because Keynesianism and Interventionism and our foreign policy have been the prevailing attitude. So whatever you can do to change the prevailing attitude as a leader. You are a unique group, absolutely unique, because most people either don't pay attention or they pay attention at the last minute before an election. So your responsibility is much different. The burden is on individuals like you because once you've discovered what's going on, and are confident about it, you have a greater moral obligation. You are not capable of just dismissing it, you can't dismiss yourself from the importance of this. If you understand it, you have this obligation to spread this message."

"People ask, 'What should I do?'"

"Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual.

View the Original article

HuffPo: The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice

From Huff Post: By Laura Trice

The top 10 reasons why Dr. Ron Paul is the only rational presidential choice for Americans, Democratic, Republican and Independent:

View the Original article

Sensational NEW video "Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight”

This has serious viral potential. Best use of 2 min of video I have ever seen.

View the Original article

Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul?

For the record I did not pick the above headline. The editor of the Culpeper Star-Exponent did. Regardless the attached column is my most widely shared in ever in social media and I have decided to post it here with a link to the original column.

I am not one for conspiracy theories. One of the important things I learned in my brief time in Washington D.C. is that it is very hard to keep a secret in politics. But in the wake of Ron Paul’s near victory (he lost by less than 1%) in the Iowa Straw Poll I had to fight the thought that there was a concerted effort among many to keep Ron Paul as far off the radar screen of Americans as possible.

It was truly bizarre. As a long time fan of Dr. Paul’s I long ago got used to the shabby treatment given to Paul by most of the media. But after the poll, media shabbiness was taken to a whole new level.

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Update: Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show, 8/31/11

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice

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Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show 08/31/11

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ron Paul to Obama: Use war chest to fund FEMA for Irene victims

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Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Radio 8/30/11

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Former FEMA Director Agrees With Ron Paul

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Ron Paul on CNBC 08/30/11

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Ron Paul on FOX Business News/ Cavuto 08/30/11

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Ron Paul At The Polk County Iowa Republican Party Summer Fundraising Picnic In Des Moines

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Fed Dove Evans Opens Mouth, Demands More QE, Sends Gold Soaring

Zero Hedge Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Who would think that all it takes for gold to surge by $40 in under an hour is for the Fed to resume the old song and dance. Yet that is precisely what happened: ever since Chicago Fed president Evans sat down with Steve Liesman to discuss that he [...]

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CNN and “Opinion Research Center” — The Numbers Don’t Add Up

My critique of the most recent CNN/ORC poll (released August 29).

In the “South” region, Ron Paul received 10% support among those polled. Given that it makes up such a notable portion of the total sample, this earns Ron Paul roughly 4.15% of the total vote in the sample, regardless of what respondents say in other regions. Yet, Paul receives just 6% of the total vote in the sample. Doing the quick calculation, this means that Paul must have received just 3.16% of the vote in the other 3 regions – West, Midwest, and Northeast – combined.

As far as differences between these regions are negated, that’s effectively a national poll with Paul receiving just above 3% of the vote. The last national poll in which he registered so low (without the presence of Giuliani)? An ABC News/Washington Post poll dated April 14-17, which had Paul at 2%, and a full 50% of respondents offering Other/None/Undecided.

Needless to say, this result falls well outside the expected range of Paul’s support across the rest of the country. In fact, the most recent Gallup poll (which had Paul at a 13%, admittedly on the high end of his polling range) showed that Ron Paul actually performed better in the West, Midwest, and Northeast than he did in the South...

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Ron Paul: Obama’s Misadventures ~ Libya to Be Occupied, Syria Next?

Ron Paul August 30, 2011 Even as a major hurricane hit America’s eastern seaboard, the administration is determined to expand the war in Libya while threatening the regime in Syria.  Is there any limit to government’s appetite to create more problems for our nation and economy? Americans may be tempted to celebrate the apparent victory [...]

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Gold at $1,950 Within the Month Reaffirm UBS; JP Morgan $2,500 Year End Call Remains

Gold Core Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Gold is higher against most currencies and especially the euro. Gold is trading at USD 1,792.50, EUR 1,245.10, GBP 1,098.30, CHF 1,471.50 and JPY 137,624 per ounce. Gold’s London AM fix this morning was USD 1,791.00, EUR 1,243.49, GBP 1,097.56 per ounce. Gold fixed marginally higher than last Friday’s [...]

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Video Update: Ron Paul on FOX News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace

Congressman Paul will be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Fox News Network this Sunday, August 28th. Check local listings for the time.
Thank Chris Wallace: FOX News
~or phone Fox News: "you'll have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and affect change at can call us at 1-888-369-4762."

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Politico: A New Town Hall Strategy for Ron Paul

I just found this article on Politico:

Apparently the campaign is shifting to a new townhall based strategy that will get Ron out there with the people. I find this pretty exciting. You have to admit that this strategy worked wonderfully for John McCain in New Hampshire back in 2008. And it will be great to see Ron Paul handling questions directly from the people. We all know he's going to be great at it!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ron Paul: The Most Important Thing

Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Sat, 08/20/2011 - 00:08in Ron Paul 2012FoxNewspresidentTruthVideo 21 votes that the President tell the truth.

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Fox News: Ron Paul is In It To Win It.

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Silence is Deafening

"The Drone President," Pat Buchanan called President Obama this morning.

It is a fitting title for a President who, without any consultation or authority granted by Congress has bombed at last count at least 4 countries (Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya) and perhaps elsewhere that for "national security reasons" Americans aren't privy too that information.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough ripped into the media for their deafening silence over Obama's unconstitutional, undeclared drone wars.

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Libyan rebels "liberated" a prison last week.  It turns out, as many as 600 of those prisoners were "pro-Al-Qaeda militants," imprisoned by Qaddafi, but reports are that many of them may have tried, or actually did, fight against U.S. forces in Iraq.

This news appears to have been overlooked because of last week's Hurricane Irene coverage, keep this on your radar, it could be a sticky situation.

CNN has an article with a little more background on the prison and the released prisoners.

Groups: VirginiaRegion 11Arlington Login or register to post comments

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Hurricanes and Broken Windows

Surely, a natural disaster should never be cause for callous humor.  The combined cost of lives and livelihoods of those affected in such tragedies can often yield emotional and physical burdens for undue lengths of time.

Although Hurricane Irene failed to live up to the hype of early prognostications, the damage that did occur should not be overlooked and hopefully the inroads to recovery will be speedy and effective.

Having said that, this is an opportune time to expound upon the "broken window fallacy" as it pertains to current events.

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Ron Paul Blows Past 2nd Quarter Fundraising Goal

Posted on July 1, 2011 by Paul Bear

Since I first posted the following article, ABC NEWS made a serious correction to their reporting. The Facebook page they cited is NOT affiliated with the official campaign, the campaign has NOT released an official count for the 2nd Quarter yet, and the fundraising total is NOT yet fully known. What IS known, is that the Ron Paul 2012 campaign blew past their originally set fundraising goals for the 2nd fiscal quarter, and that the final tally (including the donations that arrived by snail mail) will probably be greater than the “$4.5 Million” quoted by ABC News.


ABC News’ Jason Volack (

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Ron Paul ON THE FED (video)

Posted on July 1, 2011 by Paul Bear

Also, check out the following essays/posts by “Paul Bear” on Ron Paul:

Ron Paul On Christianity, Morality & War (& Neo-Wars)
Father Ron Paul (or WHAT Is A RON PAULITE?)
They Follow America’s Example
The Cause That MEETS, Strengthens
Thanks To Those Who Irritated Me!
Where Tax Dollars Go (To Surveil Political Types… Like YOU?)
Ron Paul Appeal Transcends Borders
A Personal Message From Ron Paul (And

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‘Dominate. Intimidate. Control.’

Found this very informative article on the TSA’s Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR) teams:

VIPR Searches and the American Citizen:
By John W. Whitehead

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Ron Paul r3VOLution Support Suggestions

Posted on July 20, 2011 by Paul Bear

When the official Ron Paul 2012 campaign site came out with their campaign store, I replaced some previous links to Ron Paul products that I’d added to my blog when they had been the only suppliers available, in order to encourage purchases from the official campaign, which count as campaign donations. What I SHOULD have done, in hindsight, is to have added the campaign store without taking away the links to alternate providers.

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John Stewart on Ron Paul (He Who Shall Not Be Named)

Posted on August 16, 2011 by Paul Bear

Check out the following NY Times Article:

Ron Paul: He Who Shall Not Be Named

By Michael D. Shear

Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal? Jon Stewart, host of

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We The People: Ron Paul 2012

Having the most likes on YouTube doesn’t get a good candidate elected (although it helps). If you really want Dr. Paul to be president, please donate to his campaign at ronpaul2012

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Ron Paul: Will Libya Descend Into Anarchy?

This is one area where Ron Paul has a load of credibility. He actually served in the military so he has better grasp on the subject of sending someone’s kids to fight and possibly die.
Contrast that with the neocons that ran from service with loaded britches via deferments,air national guard “duty” or whatever excuse they could find.

” We can no longer afford to police the world, in terms of both dollars and American lives. We will destroy ourselves if we do not stop, build a strong national defense at home, and focus on trade and commerce with the world instead of Empire.

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Ron Paul: Bernanke Keeps Printing Money to steadily suck wealth out of the community and into the hands of a few people, a fact that bankers and most politicians stubbornly refuse to admit. Charging interest on money created out of nothing is, in the main, unjust and immoral, and Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, the Bible (Deuteronomy 23:19), the Koran (2:275-278), the Catholic Church, many codes of law and most writers on morals have condemned it for more than two thousand years. The historical name for this evil is usury. Nevertheless bankers enjoy peace of mind because they know that the public thinks they merely lend out the savings of their depositors. In fact, banks create more than 95 percent of all deposits, for when a bank creates a loan it simultaneously creates a deposit. What banks do to justify the accusation of being economic parasites is to lend out interest-bearing money of their own creation using a very thin sliver of legal tender (cash) to back it up.

How did the banks gain this oppressive power of charging interest on mere computer entries? Very simply they lobbied and hoodwinked our politicians into giving it to them. Before World War II cash reserves of 1:10 had been the norm in practice. This meant that if you deposited $100 of cash in a bank, the banking system (though not that one bank) would eventually use that $100 to create up to $900 of credit. That credit shows up in their books as $900 of interest-bearing loans (assets), and $900 of deposits (liabilities). Note that credit is not cash

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Neil Cavuto: We Love Having Ron Paul On This Program

Neil, you’ve come a long way and been quite repentant since the very early GRAVE ERRORS in your interviews from the spring, summer of 2007.

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Ron Paul: “Mission Accomplished” in Libya?

It is logically obvious that there is a black hand involved in the invasion of Libya. It was a must! His accuracy on this issue is made evident when he compares the relationships in the invasion to that one of Iran with the “post Sadamm era. Is history repeating itself?

We do have enemies anywhere, there is no bigger issue then the homeland issue.

Great words Doc !

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Pentagon Beta Tests Tighter Military Control of Disaster Response

Kurt Nimmo Prison August 29, 2011 The Pentagon is exploiting Hurricane Irene in an effort further militarize disaster response. Fox News reported today that the Pentagon is using the overstated hurricane to minimize civilian participation in emergency situations. Troops on the streets: Military convoy in New York in the aftermath of Irene. Over the [...]

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Vintage Dr. Ron Paul for Congress Political Infomercial

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Foxs News Front Page - Paul: Bernanke Is Out of Options to Save Economy

Chairman Ben Bernanke is not calling for another fix to the economy by the Federal Reserve because he's already used up all the quivers in the Fed's bow, Rep. Ron Paul said Sunday.

Paul is a 2012 Republican presidential candidate and supports the U.S. returning to the gold standard to protect its currency and force a balanced budget. He has been highly critical of the Federal Reserve and its chairman over plans for "quantitative easing," a two-part program which flooded the market with dollars in an attempt to make money more available for borrowing and lending.

Paul argued that Bernanke's plan to buy bank assets and drop more than $2 trillion into the economy did not yield the results the chairman hoped, a conclusion that Paul says Bernanke implicitly acknowledged during a speech last week in which he offered no new bailout programs from the Fed.

Continued Here-->

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Ron Paul Close 2nd in GA Straw Poll

Just left the GA Straw Poll in Perry, GA.

Cain 232
Paul 229
Perry 179, then Newt, Bachmann, Romney. As I was leaving, the Cain bus was loading up. I didn't see a Paul bus but there were plenty of Ron Paul signs on cars!

Picture of Ron Paul camp:

Picture of Rick Perry camp:

Almost won AGAIN!

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Lord and Levin Welcome Ron Paul to the Top Tier

Punctuated by his move past Michele Bachmann to third in the race for the Republican nomination for president, Ron Paul has arrived in the "top tier.” While this is a significant positive for his supporters, it does not mean that opposition to Paul from within the party will diminish. On the contrary, now that it is undeniable that he really could win the nomination, Paul’s supporters should expect attacks from the opposition to intensify. They have.

Beginning with a piece in the American Spectator by Jeffrey Lord, conservative opponents of Paul have fired the first shots in what from here on out will probably be an all-out bombardment of Paul and his platform. I say “Paul and his platform” because along with substantive criticism of his positions, one should expect a generous amount of ad hominem directed at Paul himself. Judging from the Lord piece and Mark Levin’s replies in weighing in on the matter, one can expect even more mudslinging than usual.

That is not to single out Lord or Levin as particularly unique in this regard. Mudslinging or “muckraking” has been a part of American politics since the earliest days of the republic. Contrary to what many Americans seem to believe, there never was a “golden age” of American journalism where reporters objectively reported the facts and avoided all political bias. In fact, early American newspapers were not only unapologetically biased; they were unconcerned about even the veracity of the mud they slung. During the election of 1800, John Adams was reported to have “ordered Charles Cotesworth Pinckney to London to procure four pretty mistresses to divide between them.” [1] Adams laughed off this completely false accusation, saying that Pinckney must have kept them all to himself.

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Santorum, Paul spar over Sept. 11

Josh Hafner | Aug 28, 2011
Des Moines Register

Rick Santorum pounced on fellow GOP candidate Ron Paul’s assertion that U.S. intervention in the Middle East helped motivate the 9/11 attacks, saying in an email to The Des Moines Register on Sunday that the Texas congressman’s argument is flawed and belittling to victims of the tragedy.

“To imply that we were the catalyst of the attack on 9/11 disparages the memory of those who lost their lives on that tragic day and is an insult to who we are as a people,” said Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator. “Congressman Paul’s understanding of the enemy and why they have attacked us is shockingly misguided.”

This marks at least the second time Santorum has sparred with Paul over Middle Eastern policy this month. In a heated exchange at the Ames GOP debate, Santorum said Iran seeks to destabilize the region. Paul called Santorum’s words “propaganda.”

Continue at the Des Moines Register

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Obama's UnConstitutional Misadventures: Libya Now, Syria Next - August 29, 2011

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RP Now on First Page of Jon Stewart's Most Viewed Videos

The Jon Stewart Cornpolled Video recently moved onto the first page of his most viewed videos list. It did this by passing the "Barack Obama Pt. 1" video. Sign of things to come?

I can't wait for Sept. 26th.

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Huffington Post: Ron Paul Can Win

Another brilliant article from Robin Koerner:

"It's hard to tell if the idea that Ron Paul cannot win in 2012 is more ignorant, in its complete lack of historical sophistication, or more arrogant, in its claim to certainty amid all the complexity of 300 million lives and the myriad issues that affect them.

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"War Is Better Than Ron Paul", Say (Many) Progressives | TomWoodsTV

War Is Better Than Ron Paul, Say (Many) Progressives

Tom Woods comments on's article "5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution," and takes on the bizarre and twisted priorities on display there.

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Ron Paul speech at Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention

August 27, 2011 by Trevor Lyman

Congressman Dr Ron Paul historic speech at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention. He speaks of the “intellectual revolution.” and how the economy is going “to get a lot worse before it gets better” and advocates smaller size of Government. He also defines what it means to be a Patriot.

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In new poll, Ron Paul rates with front-runners Romney and Perry

August 27, 2011 by Trevor Lyman

In yet another sign that perhaps the news media ought to think about treating his presidential campaign more seriously,  Ron Paul was viewed about as favorably as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney by Americans in a new poll.

In an Associated Press-GfK telephone survey of the general population, 37 percent of the respondents said they have a positive view of the libertarian-leaning representative from Texas, while 36 percent said they did not.

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Lew Rockwell Talks About Ron Paul on AntiWar Radio

Related posts:

Ron Paul on Lew Rockwell Radio 06/07/11Ron Paul Talks on The Federal Reserves Manipulation of US Dollar & The Tyranny of the TSA.

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Ron Paul 2012 Revolution of Peace

August 29, 2011 by Trevor Lyman

“This country is going through a revolution and I happen to be lucky enough to be a part of it.”

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Ron Paul Covered On Texas Local Media

Libya to Be Occupied, Syria Next? : Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 8-29-11

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