Friday, September 30, 2011

Brent Budowsky writes hit piece on Ron Paul, says he takes money from bankers? Wow idiot alert!

I just read the most idiotic fact derived hit piece ever to get uploaded to the internet.
Here is the link to Brent Budowsky's... I can't even call it an article...

My comment to him (which is awaiting approval, haha):

Brent Budowsky, did the bankers pay you to write this article or are you seriously this stupid? I suggest you read a book by Ron Paul called "End the Fed" before you state Ron Paul took money from any banker, he is the furthest thing they want up there. Seriously, you can buy it at
Please read it before you make yourself look like an ass on the internet again.

Ron Paul Takes a Ride

It's Time To Wake Up - Ron Paul 2012

This video is going viral! Such an Awesome vid on Ron Paul calling out the Military Industrial Complex.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ron Paul on the Daily Show w/ John Stewart

Overall a pretty good interview. Stewart has some funny comments like suggesting Ron Paul try flip flopping as a means of getting attention from the media.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fox freaks after Ron Paul wins debate

In my opinion the whole MSM is freaking out that Ron Paul will win and end the trillions of dollars of fiat currency in the fed. Russia Today did a great article and outlined everything that fox is doing that is so obvious to anyone who has heard the name Ron Paul.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Had to rip yahoo a new one for leaving Ron Paul out of the second place headline.

Here's my comment to these bastards, who, are trying to pretend they're not on the internet...?

"Yahoo are you trying to make it on the daily show? Where have you been bro this is the internets! The interwebs is for, and loves Ron Paul! You're an internet company, not TV, you'll never get away with skipping over Paul's second place polling."

Here's yahoo failing

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ron Paul Post Debate with Sean Hanity

Sean Hanity was actually pretty good this time, I guess he doesn't wanna get snowballed again. LoL

Ron Paul's Double-Edged Sword? wtf fox... WTF!

Ok so what is going on with the google fox debate? In this next video they show Ron Paul as the biggest cloud tag term when it comes to foreign policy. The dude says that Ron Paul "just blew up the spot" but "later in this debate Ron Paul is gonna say something about foreign policy..." and then that core of conservatives that liked his 10th amendment response were going to flee from him.

So why didn't they ask him anything on that issue? Are they just not organized? Did they do this on purpose because Ron Paul was on point on every question tonight? I mean W to the T to the F!! They ask these foreign policy questions and then ask the Doctor about abortion?? No one else was asked about abortion! What is up with this! Here is a link to the video for those who were not watching it online and were watching the fox tv commercials.

Who Won the Debate? ( Ron Paul )

Front Runner Ron Paul wins again!

New Ron Paul Ad - He Served

Ron Paul is a veteran and veteran's support him!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

N.H. poll: Ron Paul in second place, leads Rick Perry

"The poll is the latest to find support for the Texas congressman, who is now seen as top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination."

We did it! Ron Paul is now getting reported on as a 'top-tier' candidate!
We all know he's the Front Runner and if we keep posting it all over the internet the media will listen and acknowledge the truth!

Rasmussen 2012 Presidential Matchups: Ron Paul 38% Obama 39%

This latest poll shows Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obomber in 2012!

Of course they spin it to ignore Ron Paul because he's the real Front Runner...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GOP Front Runner Ron Paul

GOP Front Runner Ron Paul really states the truth, the media just lies about it. The fact is Ron Paul has won or had a strong showing in all the major polls and dominates the internet.

Here's where the idea of posting this title all over the internet came from.

Is Anyone Besides Ron Paul Serious About Our Deepening National Financial Crisis?

The email answers are hilarious, you can tell who the liberals are!

Had to call out the Huff Post again, more Ron Paul slander from a Doctor?

Wow Dr. Adam, how did you get a Doctorate believing that "they're jealous of our freedom!" Did you forget the reading list Ron Paul gave Rudi Ghouli? Are you ignoring Bin Laden's actual words? Seriously bro do some research...

My Comment (not yet approved...)

the article written by a doctor??

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect

Here's a great video from Ron Paul about those Boos that (I think) were planted in the 'Tea Party' debate.

Barry Manilow agrees with Ron Paul!

Barry Manilow, in Washington to support support H.R. 295 (a health related bill) said "I like what he says" in reference to Ron Paul. Barry also donated to the campaign in 2007.

Barry FTW!

Barry Manilow agrees with Ron Paul!

I'm a Ron Paul Girl

Babe Alert! Babes for Ron Paul FTW!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ron Paul on Fox News 9/14/11

American Thinker, found to not think at all. Ron Paul slander campaign continues...

Here's my comment to Peter Heck, otherwise known and the one who thinks the least at American Thinker. I posted the comment here although it needs approval and I somehow doubt the 'thinking' ones will let it through:

I thought this was American Thinker, but after reading this it seems more like American Non-Thinker. Have you guys even read the CIA docs on what Osama said? Have you guys ever heard of blowback? Has 'American Thinker' ever pondered what happened in 1954 Iran?
Peter Heck, please read my blog about Ron Paul and do some thinking before repeating this 'They're jealous of our freedom" fallacy.

Ground Troops In lybia/ Ron Paul Spoke The Truth

Ron Paul's "Imagine" speech Vote for Ron Paul 2012

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Charles Babington has one sentence on Ron Paul in his article about Florida debate.

Charles, how can you write one sentence about the winner of last weeks debate? To top it off this is what you have to say:
"Florida was even crueler to Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who took 3 percent of the 2008 primary vote. Paul is running for president again."

Wow. Thanks for the tip Mr. Babington, but in case you didn't know, a lot of people know that Ron Paul is running for president again... Oh I dunno say like 128,772 that voted for him as of now 219,233 votes cast on the Reagan library debate.

I take it that Charles Babington's audience isn't on the internet. If it was he might have, you know, looked a few polls or something. Because Ron Paul has won every poll online--and the one's that exclude him, 'Other' and 'Someone Else' win by landslides.

Read Charles crap article here

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender


Ron Paul deserves a proper graph

What the latest victory poll should have looked like:

Great comparison.

I had to call out Huff Post again for supporting warmongers and dissing Ron Paul!

These warmongering neo-con baboons are all the same. Ron Paul supported Reagan because he ran on the same non-internationalism platform that Bush ran on in 2000. Seriously all neo-cons miss the point, they must be too afraid the boogeyman. Ron Paul was one of Reagan's first supporters back in 1976! When Reagan blew it and turned big gov war monger Ron Paul was right to write a letter and run as a libertarian!

Here is where I called out the Huff Post

Ron Paul’s Secret Weapon

Great Article, fair and insightful.

Politico admits it screwed up on the debate, now says Ron Paul won!

Maybe it was the msnbc poll that got them to catch on? Pretty hard to deny over 200,000 votes when more then half go to Ron Paul.

War Monger Peter Wehner shows his true colors, says Obama would be better then Ron Paul

Not to mention the nerve of this idiot, to have a goldline ad on his blog!

Peter Wehner again shows how much he loves war because that's THE ONLY ISSUE he said he disagrees with Ron Paul on. Peter is a war hawk. He loves to use the boogie man as an excuse in his fear politics. The only reason he's siding with Obomber is because Obomber is a warmonger too.

Peter, your idiotic ramblings might work on the uniformed and stupid, but you've got an army of Ron Paul supporters spreading truth. You will lose the war on truth.

read Peter Wehner's lies here

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ron Paul to Rick Perry: "you mad bro?"

Wall Street Journal excludes Ron Paul from debate poll, loses all credibility!

Something tells me that 'Someone Else' will win that poll. This poll is as one sided as my Ron Paul poll -->>

UPDATE: 'Someone Else' is winning the poll! hahaha WSJ you guys are clowns, Ron Paul FTW!
I mean Someone Else FTW!

Ron Paul Wins Debate, Declared “Loser” by Media

Rick Perry Assaults Ron Paul

Slick Rick tries to get tough, doesn't see huge bodyguard...

cartoon version

Ron Paul is right. Military adventurism is a luxury we can no longer afford

"I was astonished! We are spending twenty billion dollars on air conditioning for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would take all that away, use ten billion to pay down the debt, and use the other ten toward FEMA and any other agency that we really need. And if you took that air conditioning away, those troops would come home very quickly, and I’d be happy with that."
-Ron Paul at last nights debate.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul Border Fence Goodie Mob Remix

This is pretty good, I might have to play it in my car!

Politico asks every other candidate about Bernenke except Ron Paul? Did they just lose all credibility?

This was the live stream.

In the most biased debate I've seen, besides the one fox didn't allow Ron Paul into in the last election, Politico either has amnesia or is diabolical. Maybe Politico didn't read this:

I'm shocked at how blatantly ridiculous Politico is, they have lost all credibility.

UPDATE: Politico is suffering from amnesia!
The above story just came out, I guess they forgot about these previously published stories:

Politico, how much did the establishment pay you to forget?

Google Trends: Ron Paul is obvious FRONTRUNNER!

ron paul 1.00
rick perry 0.10
mitt romney 0.30

Ron Paul even get's more overall google's in Texas!

p.s. look at the media chart below, it shows complete media bias!

Ron Paul FTW!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rick Perry takes the bait, ' strikes back at Ron Paul '

Rick Perry took the bait and fires back at Ron Paul! Why would a 'top tier' candidate care about Ron Paul? I think it's because Ron Paul was the only one with the balls to call him out on being an ex-liberal! It's funny that the 'ammo' Perry uses only further shows Ron Paul as someone who 'sticks to his guns' unlike the flip flopper Perry
Read the article here:

New Ron Paul Ad: Perry was Al Gore's cheerleader in 1988 LoL!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ron Paul speech at Palmetto Freedom Forum 9/5/2011 (South Carolina)

Poll: Ron Paul trailing Romney, Bachmann by 4 percent in Iowa

Ron Paul is picking up steam FTW!

Why Ron Paul (In 60 Seconds)

Darren Hutchinson from Huff Post attempts to bash Ron Paul, ends up winning biggest idiot award!

Here's an excerpt from Darren Hutchinson's "article"
"Regardless, Paul's horrific proposals would endanger several personal liberties secured by the Constitution, including the right to terminate a pregnancy."

What? The right to terminate a pregnancy???!!?? Where does it say that in the bill of rights?? Where does it say that anywhere in the Constitution??

It doesn't. Congrats Darren, you've just won the biggest idiot award!

PS. How the &@*#%! did Darren become a "Professor of Law" ????

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bernanke channeled Keynes to deflect Ron Paul on 'Gold'

Here's a good article on how Berneke parrots Keynes on gold.

"What most observers do not realize, however, is that Bernanke was not only dismissing the suggestion that gold is equivalent to money, but also doing so by echoing Paul’s ideological nemesis: the late economist John Maynard Keynes."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hippy chick Ahna Kruzic almost writes a good Ron Paul article but Epic Fails on Civil Liberties

Title: Kruzic: Ron Paul, the anti-war, pseudo-hippy presidential hopeful?

It starts off almost praising Ron Paul as she goes into why progressives support the ONLY anti-war candidate and not Obushma. Then she goes off and grossly misrepresents Ron Paul's stance on Civil Liberties, she thinks that certain groups should have certain privileges above others. Sorry Ahna my main hippy chick, if we're going to have Liberty, we also have to have Equality. That goes for unborn life forms as well. I'm pretty sure _Doctor_ Ron Paul, after delivering over 3000 babies, has a better idea as to when life starts. Time to get the facts straight on the rest of the issue too, however the whole abortion thing is totally a non-issue except to insane progressives and ridiculous religious nuts. It's pretty obvious that Miss Kruzic is campaigning for Obushma despite his Epic Fail on the war, and Epic Fail on Universal Health Care; issues any liberal can't deny Obushma's failed on.

So keep it up "Kruzic the violent hippy!" Keep supporting wars and keep supporting the killing of the unborn!

read what the violent hippy wrote here:

Alexa for Ron Paul: Ron Paul Saturdays

Alexa for Ron Paul: Ron Paul Saturdays

Likely Republican Voters & Blue Republicans will win the election for Ron Paul

Liberal Eric Zorn confuses Ron Paul for Perry, slanders wrong Republican!

You'd think these liberals would be all for Ron Paul since it's obvious there boy is just as much of a war monger as the previous prez. For the newbs out there I refer to this as "Obushma denial."

Here's Eric Zorn in all his confused lunacy, tricking libs because he can:

Fox and Google to Host GOP Debate Sept. 22. Vote for questions to be answered!

Fox News and Google are teaming up in the upcoming GOP debate on 9/22 where;
"Viewers will be able to vote on the questions they want the candidates to answer, and Fox News will use the votes to help choose which questions are posed to the candidates. In addition, Fox News and Google will present public data and Google search trends on air to help provide context to the questions and inform the debate throughout the evening."

The questions are on Youtube here! It is in our best interest to pose and vote up the most relevant questions. The highest current rating is 27 and that ain't diddly squat for the formidable Daily Paul crew!

View the original article here

Ron Paul Info Booth

The results of recent polls have made two things abundantly clear. First, Ron Paul is absolutely a viable candidate. Second, the media will try to undermine his candidacy as much as possible. With these facts in mind, I believe the biggest challenge Dr. Paul will face in gaining the nomination will be fighting obscurity and misinformation. As powerful as the internet is, many in my community still get their political news from traditional media, which we know is ignoring and misrepresenting our candidate. To combat this malevolence, I believe the onus is on us to inform our communities about why we believe in Dr. Paul. To this end, I started the Ron Paul Info Booth in my neighborhood.

View the Original article

Can Ron Paul Lead the 2012 GOP Field? New Fox Video

View the Original article

Did Ron Paul Force Obama to Reschedule a Speech?

Oh yeah he did! The Obama got pwned for trying to keep RP from the debate. RP 1 OB 0!

Ron Paul called Mr. Crankypanks by Daniel Ruth! MSM resorting to grade-school tactics!

In yet another childish attempt (or complete lack of understanding reality?) to attack my main man Ron Paul, Daniel Ruth resorts to name-calling. Apparently he's still in 5th grade: "...Mr. Crankypants would have whined about spending money..."

Get all the LoLz here:

Check the comments too, they are awesome!

Women for Ron Paul: Food, Fun, Phonebanking

read more here!

All Hands On Deck in SC! 1,500+ Ron Paul supporters to show.


FYI -- Ron will be landing at 12:30 in Columbia and will be at the Hilton from 1-3 for a private GOP reception, as well as for some face-time with a couple elected officials who asked to meet him. The DeMint Forum is from 3-5, and at 5:30 we're having a huge Grassroots Rally at the Courtyard Marriott right there on Assembly Street.

I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:

View the Original article

Ron Paul is right, Peter Wehner need's a history lesson!

Peter Wehner seems to have amnesia, or failed history. He's apparently never heard of the CIA term 'blowback' in regards to the US's 1953 coup in Iran.

Here's a link to Peter's 'response to Ron Paul supporters' where his lunacy continues.

oh and Peter, if you're reading this, here's a link to a summary that might help you pass history class next time:

Herman Cain, Ron Paul Top Georgia Straw Poll; Media Ignore it

By Mark Berman on Aug 30, 2011

In mid-August Republicans held a presidential straw poll in Iowa. The media went wild. The cable news networks set up shop for the weekend in Iowa, breathlessly reporting on every movement and utterance from the candidates. Then when it was over they ignored Ron Paul's very close second-place finish to Michele Bachmann.

Since then much has been made of the media's apparent dismissal of Paul's candidacy. If it is any consolation to Paul, he is not alone -- now the media are ignoring Herman Cain. Is it because the media have decided that neither one is a "serious" candidate worthy of their newsprint, digital space or airtime?

Well, there was a straw poll in Georgia over the weekend.

If you didn't know about it, it's because it received virtually no coverage. Perhaps it was because of Hurricane Irene. But perhaps it is because it was a foregone conclusion that Georgia resident Cain would win.

Cain did indeed win with 26% of the vote. Paul finished a close second at 25.7%. Alleged frontrunner Rick Perry had 20% followed by Newt Gingrich at 18%. Rounding out the top five were two more media favorites -- Mitt Romney and Bachmann, with 6% and 3.3% respectively.

So to recap -- Cain and Paul destroyed the rest of the field, and nary a mention in the media. Had Perry won, you could be sure there would be headlines blaring, "Perry Sustains Frontrunner Status." A Bachmann victory would have seen "Bachmann Wins Second Straw Poll."

But the media apparently does not want to waste time on Cain or Paul, since they are not going to win the nomination anyway. Therefore, any poll that shows them on top is not be taken seriously or reported upon.

But who are the media to make that judgment? Aren't the media supposed to report the news, not what they think is going to happen and tailor their coverage to their preconceived notions?

View the Original article

Iowa Teacher: Ron Paul Doesn’t Know Constitution -- LoL!!

Here's a great rebuttal to what that know-nothing teacher said about our Champion of the Constitution!

Ron Paul: The new Goldwater? - Tarentum Valley News Dispatch

View the Original article