Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ron Paul's Double-Edged Sword? wtf fox... WTF!

Ok so what is going on with the google fox debate? In this next video they show Ron Paul as the biggest cloud tag term when it comes to foreign policy. The dude says that Ron Paul "just blew up the spot" but "later in this debate Ron Paul is gonna say something about foreign policy..." and then that core of conservatives that liked his 10th amendment response were going to flee from him.

So why didn't they ask him anything on that issue? Are they just not organized? Did they do this on purpose because Ron Paul was on point on every question tonight? I mean W to the T to the F!! They ask these foreign policy questions and then ask the Doctor about abortion?? No one else was asked about abortion! What is up with this! Here is a link to the video for those who were not watching it online and were watching the fox tv commercials.

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